Is Your Charter Bus Safe: How To Find Out

The great thing about riding on a bus is that you are much safer than you would be while riding in a car. A bus is heavier, so it is less likely that you will suffer a serious injury as a result of an accident. However, you will still want to do everything possible to maximize the safety of your charter transport by conducting research into the company you are hiring.

Using The Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration

One of the great things about hiring a charter bus is that you are able to learn various things about the bus company from the Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration, such as:

  • Safety ratings
  • Insurance status
  • Inspections

By looking these things up, you can decide whether a charter bus company is a good option. Insurance is required by law if the bus will be transporting 16 or more passengers, but you should look for a company that has insurance even if they will be transporting fewer. With safety ratings, it is important to find a bus that has a more recent safety rating. The good news is that if a bus has an unsatisfactory safety rating, it will not be allowed to operate. Buses are so safe that it is not required for buses to have seat belts. However, if you would still like to have seat belts as an extra safety measure, you may be able to request it. Seat belts do increase the cost of a bus, though, since so many seat belts on one bus can be expensive.

Understand The Maintenance Policy

Even though bus charters are carefully maintained, there will be some cases where bus charters will break down. Then, it is necessary to find out the policies that are implemented when this occurs. You should also ask if the charter bus company has its own maintenance facility. 

Perform Your Own Inspection

You should ask if you may inspect the bus before chartering. This will allow you to perform your own inspection to decide whether you believe the bus is in good condition. Decide whether you think the equipment is faulty or you think the bus is dirty. For instance, if the bus has utilities, use a cell phone and charger to test the utility to determine if it works. Make sure that the bathroom, AC and heating work. Fortunately, the vast majority of the experiences with charter buses are positive.