Moving To A New Area? Use A Brewery Tour To Acclimate

Have you moved to a new city or region? There are many ways to acclimate yourself to a new living situation, but few are more fun — and as surprisingly practical — as taking a local brewery tour. Why? Here are a few ways that this simple step can help you adjust quickly and healthily.

1. Learn About the Community. Local brewers are part of the community. They are generally people who live locally and spend a great deal of their business with local vendors, businesses, customers, and activities. If you want to get to know your new area, start by checking out the happenings at your local breweries. Chat with the brewers, servers, and other guests. You'll get a quick education on the attitudes, interests, and history of the area.

2. Get Out of the House. If you find it hard to get out and socialize with others, a tour of any local brewery or visit to a tasting room gives you an excuse to get outside. You could try different microbreweries each week or opt to check out their special events — often things like special releases, sports game nights, trivia, or live music. You now have a place to go when you feel lonely or need a break from roommates. And you're sure to start making new friends quickly. 

3. Develop an Interest. Looking for something new to spend time in your new town? Brewing is a popular hobby and can even be done at home. Why not explore your own interest in and knowledge of beer-making? Local breweries are usually happy to nurture a new hobbyist. And if you're already somewhat advanced, you could make connections that will lead to a possible pro/amateur pairing or starting your own small enterprise. 

4. Learn the Area. If you sign up for a multi-brewery tour, much as with a wine tour, you'll get to see something of the local geography. A chartered tour drives you around town or around a more rural area.  And a walking tour gives you a closeup view of what's usually a central, walkable shopping or tourist area. Either type of tour helps you orient yourself in the new environment and provides landmarks to help you find your way around. 

No matter whether you're a college student out of the nest for the first time or a retiree who's recently downsized, you're sure to find a valuable education hidden within a fun and tasty afternoon of brewery touring. For more information, check out wine and beer tours in your area.