Planning a Taxi Ride at Night? Here’s How to Stay Safe

Whether you've had a few drinks at a bar and are ready to head home or are looking for an easy way to get to the airport to catch a red-eye flight, calling a taxi is a logical choice. Riding in a cab is a smart method of transportation in a variety of scenarios, but it's always important to keep your safety in mind -- especially when you're travelling at night. You're safe once you're in the cab, but by following a series of simple steps, you can ensure that you're also secure before the taxi arrives and after you're dropped off.

Call from a Safe Location

Although it can be tempting to simply walk outside and begin to hunt for a passing taxi, this strategy -- especially at night -- isn't putting enough emphasis on safety. It's far better to call a cab company or use a mobile app to arrange for a cab to meet you at your exact location. If you're at home, provide your address and wait inside until you see the cab arrive. If you're out in public, look for a public area that's safe at night and wait in a well-lit spot.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When your taxi arrives, quickly establish eye contact with the driver. It's always smart to take a quick look at your surroundings before you move from a safe location to the taxi, especially if you have a sizable distance to cover. For example, if you're in a train station and the cab is parked at the curb, briefly ensure the path between you and the cab appears safe. Although the caution you should exercise varies according to your location, it's generally ideal to walk quickly to the cab and don't delay climbing in.

Look for a Safe Drop-Off Spot

As you approach your destination, give the driver as much information as possible about specifically where you'd like to be dropped off. Although many drivers will strive to drop off passengers in a safe location, your input can be helpful. At night, don't opt for convenience over safety. Even if a dark area provides a walking shortcut to your destination, it's far safer to get dropped off in a well-lit spot. Don't feel that you have to exit the cab if you don't feel safe about getting out; explain the situation to the driver and ask him to look for an alternate spot.