Want to Hire a Trucking Services Company to Haul Your Oversized Machinery? Ask These Questions First

When you have to move heavy, oversized machinery to a new place, hiring a trucking services company seems like a logical first step. However, in order to best protect your equipment, you need to ask the following questions of any trucking company you're considering.

Can You Provide Packing Services?

It can be tricky to pack up heavy, oversized equipment. While you will of course secure your machines the best you can, it can be helpful to have the trucking services company assist you. After all, they move this kind of equipment often and should have ideas about how best to protect it as it is moved.

Some companies offer crating and additional packing services or disassembly and assembly assistance so that your machinery is as secure as possible. Ask about any assistance they can provide.

What Tracking Options Do You Offer?

Because you use it on a daily basis to keep your business running, it is understandable that your machinery means a lot to you. Oversized equipment can also cost a lot of money to replace, so it is natural that you would want to be able to track your machinery as it is being moved.

Ask how a particular company can allow you to keep track of where your equipment is. Will they provide you with the truck driver's cell phone number so you can call at any time? Can you use GPS to track the truck carrying your items? Choose a company that can give you a clear answer about how you can track your machines.

What is Your Claims Process Like?

It is important that trucking companies have business insurance, but it is even more important that you know what their insurance entails. You need to know whether their insurance will kick in if your machinery is damaged at any point during the move. This should be clearly understood before any contract is signed, so you can avoid a problem in the future.

You also need to know how their claims process works. Ask how long it would take for you to be compensated for any damage, for instance. This information can be essential when you're making a decision about which trucking company to use.

After asking the questions in this article, you should have a better idea of which trucking services company you want to use to move your heavy equipment. With the right trucking company, you can protect your machinery and get back to your other business activities right away.

If you're thinking of having your oversized machinery hauled, consider contacting local services, such as W G Davis & Sons Trucking Ltd, to discuss your concerns.