The Job Of A Chauffer: More Than Just Driving

A chauffeur is an important job to have, and it comes with a lot of risks as well as plenty of amazing rewards. If you love meeting people and going new places as well as enjoy driving, this type of job might be perfect for you. Before you decide if you want a career as a professional chauffeur, be sure you know all of the duties that this career entails so you can be sure this is the career path for you.

Career Options

Most people think of limousine drivers when they hear the word chauffeur, but technically anyone who drives professionally can fall under this job description. Whether you operate a tour bus or drive for a business firm taking clients from place to place, you are classified as a chauffeur. You could operate a private car service, run errands for families, or deliver people to and from the airport depending on the line of business you work for.

Job Duties

As a chauffeur, you will be responsible for safe transportation of your passengers from place to place. You will be required to arrive to the pick up location on time, greet passengers with a smile, and hold the door open and close it for them. You may also be required to help passengers with their luggage or other items. The key to being a successful chauffeur is good customer service, so always greet your customers with a friendly face and a good attitude. Some people may enjoy chatting with you, while others may not. It's up to you to determine how engaged you think the customers will be.

Car Responsibilities

Since most chauffeurs either own their own vehicle or work as a contractor, they are responsible for making sure the vehicle is well maintained. You should have your car looked at regularly to make sure everything is running properly. The last thing you want is to have a breakdown with a car full of passengers in it! You'll also want to ensure that the vehicle is clean both inside and out. Wash and wax your car regularly, and have the interior detailed and freshened up so that your customers have a pleasant experience. Keep good records of all maintenance and repairs. If you drive a limousine that has extra amenities like snacks and beverages, you will need to make sure your vehicle is always fully stocked. If you enjoy working with people and helping others with transportation, a career as a chauffeur might be right for you.