Three Means Of Transportation When You Are In A Wheelchair

Handicap transportation does not mean that you have to constantly rely on someone lifting you from your chair and into the front or back seat of a vehicle. In fact, there are multiple other modes of transportation provided to people in wheelchairs that makes getting around a lot easier. The following three examples are just the best options:

Medi-Van Transports

Medi-vans are transport vehicles for anyone who needs to get to an appointment but is in a wheelchair. It is akin to a taxi service, but it only transports those in wheelchairs. As a passenger, your chair is rolled onto a hydraulic lift platform and lifted to the level of the van floor inside. Special seat belts secure you and your chair. Usually, a van of this nature can pick up two to four wheelchair passengers, depending on the size of the van.

Public Buses

Most public transit authorities have made buses accessible to people in wheelchairs. The bus doors are wide enough to allow a wheelchair to pass through, and the front end of every bus provides two spaces where the chairs flip up and wheelchair seat belts secure your chair. Every bus has a max capacity of two wheelchair or motorized scooter passengers. You will need to be "certified" by the bus company as a wheelchair/disabled passenger before you can ride.

Modified Cars and Mini-Vans

Finally, if you can afford it, and you have full mobility of your upper body, you can drive your own car or mini-van. Car manufacturers have been building modified vehicles for decades to help those in wheelchairs maintain their own independence. You do not have to rely on anyone else to transport you, which is typically very important to those who spend a lot of time sitting in a wheelchair.

These vehicles do not have floor pedals or driver's seats. Instead, your wheelchair goes in and out of the driver's side via a ramp or a sliding side door and ramp. ALL of your floor controls are now hand controls.  It takes some getting used to, but it provides so many people with the ability to go wherever they need and want to go.

Getting Transportation

To get transportation for appointments via a medi-van, you need to contact the nearest transport company to get that set up. To ride the bus, you have to get pre-certification to ride as a handicapped passenger. To get a modified car, you have to call dealerships that specialize in these types of cars and vans.

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