Hop On The Airport Tram To Travel With Ease To These Locations

When you're traveling by air, you'll spend a considerable amount of time walking around airports. This is especially true if you have lengthy layovers between flights. Many air travels use a combination of their feet and the moving sidewalks common in many terminals to get to where they're going but may discount taking the airport tram. If you haven't previously used an airport tram, it may seem overwhelming to try to figure out the routes, schedules, and where you need to get on and off. However, getting familiar with this method of airport transportation can save you time and make your airport experience easier. Here are some locations that the airport tram can often take you:

Between Terminals

For large airports with multiple terminals, there's often a way to walk between these locations. Sometimes, it's through a tunnel below the buildings, or it may be through a lengthy pedestrian bridge. You'll often get in the habit of following the signs to walk from one terminal to another, but the walk may be fairly long. This can be a problem if you're rushing, as you may be forced to run and end up sweaty and tired upon reaching your gate. If you rely on the airport tram, you'll commonly be able to get to your destination in just a fraction of the time — and with far less exertion.

To The Car Rental Lot

Another way that you can ride the airport tram when you're traveling is to catch a ride to the car rental lot. Although car rental areas are in the main terminals at some airports, they're occasionally elsewhere — and may require a long walk if you're determined to get there on foot. The last thing you want is to drag your suitcase this distance, especially when there's an easier way to travel. Take a moment to read about the airport tram routes, and you'll be pulling up at the car rental area in a short amount of time.

To Public Transportation

If you're not renting a car, catching a taxi, or having someone pick you up at the airport, you'll likely be relying on public transportation. However, the nearest public transportation stops aren't always at the airport, so you could be confused about how to reach them. At many airports, you can take a tram to the nearest public transportation stations. This way, whether you need to catch a bus, subway, or light rail, you'll be able to get where you need to go.

Contact an airport transportation service for more information and assistance.