So Easy to Get from Point A to Point B! All Transportation Services That Stop at Airports

There is no end to the number of services you can use to get from Point A to Point B when you exit an airport now. If you have not traveled recently and you are considering doing some traveling this year, you should get an update on all of the ways in which you can get around. The following information should help.

Limo and Black Car Services

Riding in style is a thing when it comes to riding from the airport to your hotel or other vacation destination. You can book a black car or limo service up to a month in advance of your arrival, and in some cases, it is smart to pay in full in advance so that you do not get bumped from the service list. Check out companies like In Style Transportation for more information about these services. 

Rideshare Companies

The top two reigning rideshare companies in the whole country are easily recognized by their names. They are literally everywhere, and no airport is without rideshare pickup locations. In a few other major cities, such as New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., there are other rideshare companies competing with the first two. Regardless of whose app you download and use, you can definitely get a rideshare driver to pick you up and take you where you want to go in a matter of minutes.


Taxi companies are turning green with envy at the frequency with which rideshare companies are getting passengers. In fact, there are some areas in the country where taxis have lobbied to prevent rideshare companies from moving into the area! On the flipside, some taxi companies are trying to beat rideshare companies at their own game by offering fares for far less than the rideshares. It is something to consider when you are comparing the fares of a potential taxi service and the cost of a rideshare ride.

Buses and Coaches

Public buses roll through airports on a regular basis. You could take a city bus. You could also take the coach to certain resorts, hot vacation spots, and hotels that offer their own bus services. 

Renting a Car

Yes, you can still rent a car from the airport. However, most people find that if they are only going to need transportation to and from the airport, and maybe one or two rides about town, the above services are less expensive. Even if you rent a car at the super-economy prices of $20/day, it still frequently costs more than most of the above transportation options.